The new Scoliosis treatment. We make the difference!

Why Shakeback?

Save money! Save big!

Someone with a moderate case of scoliosis might spend USD8,000-10,000 a year on Physical Therapy — USD10,000 a year on Alternative Treatment. Save over USD9,000 with Shakeback and get your exercise material for only USD100-200. Exercise at home for free!


That surgical treatment guarantees a pain free life is a big misbelief. Patients should prevent Scoliosis surgery as long as they can. Complications such as infection, nerve damage, blood loss, and bowel and bladder problems are potential risks.

Only 20 minutes per day!

Headphones in, world off! The only thing you need to get started is your Genki Vibration Platform and your Shakeback Audiobook for instructions. Once you receive your exercise material you can work out whenever you want. No appointment! No cost!

Achieve your personal goals

We know what it feels like. Scoliosis can cause serious, chronical pain and on top you are just not happy with what yourself looks like in the mirror. Shakeback is what you need! Soon you can start wearing all the clothes you were hiding in your closet! Join Shakeback today.

Invest in a healthy future

We want to keep Scoliosis treatment at low cost. Help us to improve and develop Shakeback further and donate for us now! Our goal is to establish a Shakeback center to provide a intense training program for patients from all over the world.

You are not alone!

Take pictures of yourself! Share your results on Instagram and co with #shakeback. We want to create a big #shakeback community and show the world what YOU can achieve with ambitious training. Shakeback is family! Contact us at anytime if you have personal questions.

"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it then I can achieve it."

Muhammad Ali

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